Why choose right-of-occupancy housing?

Why choose right-of-occupancy housing?

Right-of-occupancy housing is a risk-free alternative

  • Right-of-occupancy is a lifelong right
  • Right-of-occupancy housing fee does not necessitate a major bank loan
  • No worries regarding reselling of one's housing
  • Right-of-occupancy fee is refundable and index adjusted

Right-of-occupancy housing is a flexible alternative

  • the size of the housing target is not restricted to the number of persons
  • a right-of-occupancy housing target can be flexibly swapped to match the needs of the occupant(s)
  • when so desired, a right-of-occupancy housing target can also be remodelled to match the needs of the occupant(s)

A right-of-occupancy housing target is a carefree alternative

  • the company making up the right-of-occupancy entity bears the responsibility for the fixed structures and furnishings of each housing target
  • residents of right-of-occupancy properties themselves can choose the extent to which they participate in the maintenance of their housing property

Right of residence makes economic sense

  • the charge for use of a right-of-occupancy housing target is less than the rent charged for a corresponding rented housing on the free market


Right-of-occupancy living is a housing alternative in which the customer pays 15% of the purchase price of the housing target and the rest is financed by means of a government loan. With this done, the customer pays only a monthly charge for using the housing facility, and this sum covers the servicing of the loan and the building maintenance costs. The customer is entitled to have the invested right-of-occupancy fee refunded and adjusted based on the building index if the customer decides to relinquish his right of occupancy.

Right-of-occupancy housing targets are of the high ARAVA standard. These housing facilities are secure and carefree to live in without having the owner breathing down one's neck; they resemble owner-occupied housing solutions in this respect. While the person cannot buy a right-of-occupancy housing unit, he/she is free to implement improvements in it or swap it for another such housing unit that better meets his/her needs.

The resident is required to deposit a security payment amounting to two months' maintenance charge before moving in. This will be refunded when moving away as long as all charges for use have been paid and the housing facility is in a satisfactory state.