Right-of-occupancy purchase offer

Once you have registered with Vaso as a housing applicant, we shall automatically send you a purchase offers concerning the housing options you have indicated in your application. The purchase offer shows the period of application applying to the housing target, and it is within this period that you need to inform Vaso of your interest in the particular housing target. You can inform Vaso of your interest by e-mail, by telephone, in writing or via this website by using the purchase-offer acceptance form.

If you are interested in a specific soon-to-become-available Vaso housing target, regarding which you have not a received a purchase offer, you can request that it be sent to you by clicking here.

A purchase offer sent by Vaso is not binding on you in any way. You do not need to make separate requests for a purchase offer if you have already registered as a housing applicant with Vaso and the apartment in question matches your search criteria.