Notice of termination of the right of occupancy

Notice of termination of the right of occupancy

The period of notice of delivery of the right of occupancy is 3 months starting on the day when this notification is received by Vaso. This notification must be made in writing. A ready-to-use template is available via this website and it is also available at Vaso's office.

The charge for use is payable covering the period of notice until the termination of the period of notice. If the housing unit in question is made vacant already before the termination of the period of notice, it is a good idea to inform of this to facilitate the selling of the unit. If the new resident is ready to receive the housing unit during the period of notice, the resident moving away will be released earlier from paying his/her charge for use. If the date of becoming vacant extends past the period of notice (3 months), the right-of-occupancy and right of possession of the housing unit and the obligation to pay the charge for use extends accordingly until the date of becoming vacant. The deposited security and right-of-occupancy fee will also be returned after the aforementioned day.

The notification of handing-over is filled in and signed by all of the holders of the agreement, in accordance with the right-of-occupancy agreement.

The resident is prepared to show the housing target to interested applicants at times that suit him/her. Vaso will provide the resident's telephone number to the interested applicants.

If alteration work has been done to the housing target, the receipts for the alteration work done shall be attached to the notification of handing-over. Any receipts produced at a later date will not be accepted. See also compensable alteration work instructions!

If the right-of-occupancy agreement is deposited at a bank or some other pledgee as a security against a loan, then also the pledgee's details shall be stated in the notification of handing-over. In such cases, the mortgagee shall see to it that the right-of-occupancy agreement is returned to Vaso.

If the resident holds the right-of-occupancy agreement, then the agreement must be returned to Vaso during the period of handing-over. This is a precondition to right-of-occupancy fee being refunded.

The resident's responsibility is to contact the building manager and arrange to have the final inspection done after the dwelling has been emptied and cleaned. This is also the point in time to hand over the keys. If all of the keys are not returned, the locks of the dwelling will be refitted at the leaving resident's expense. The building manager’s contact details are provided at the location-specific website.

The final magnitude of the right-of-occupancy fee will be reviewed at the latest when the period of handing-over ends. The right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit will be refunded at the latest when the 3-month period of handing-over has ended. Preconditions for this are that the final inspection has been carried out in the housing unit and that the keys have been returned to the building manager. The right-of-occupancy fee will reach the customer's bank account (or, in the case of mortgaging, the bank's clearing account) after about two weeks have passed following the termination of the period of occupancy.