Internet & TV

Internet & TV


DNA as provider of CABLE TV

DNA provides cable TV, to all Vaso properties. This service provider was chosen following a bidding competition.

The resident needs to have his/her own cable set-top box or cable TV.

Since March of 2015 residents can pick up, free of charge, a DNA WELHO TV card (1 card/resident), and this card extends the offering of TV channels in addition to so-called free cable channels. The card is available at DNA stores. This card must be returned to DNA Kauppa when moving away from Vaso housing.


Vaso and DNA have agreed on providing cable broadband connection to all Vaso housing targets. The base speed in all Vaso locations is 50M/10M as of 1.3.2015. The use of cable broadband requires that the resident picks up his/her free-of-charge rental modem from a DNA store. More detailed instructions concerning this are here. The modem must be returned to a DNA store when moving away from the housing location.

No separate cable modems are necessary at the Ethernet locations (Ilkanterassi, Länsipuisto, Keonraitti, Kukoila, Kuninkaanlaakso, Westparkin Lehmus, Soininen*, Westparkin Honka, Metsola and Ratsu). However, to start to use the broadband service requires registration as a DNA user; DNA Customer Service, tel. 044 144 044 or

*Soininen speed is 100/10 Mbytes/s.

As of 1.3.2015, when measuring the speed of the connection using speed counters, the range of acceptable variation as per the terms of the agreement is 30 - 50, Mbytes/s in downloading and 4 - 10 Mbytes/s in uploading

Orders for additional speeds

Additional speeds can be ordered by contacting DNA Customer Service, tel. 044 144 044. The prices for additional speeds are:

  • 100M/10M €9.90 /month
  • 350M/20M €19.90 /month